Cycling Amsterdam

Holland is known all over the world as a cycling country. In large cities, small villages and in the countryside you always come across cyclists. The capital Amsterdam and the surrounding area are also ideal for exploring by bicycle. For example, you can choose from several routes through the city that take you past all the important monuments. But you can also opt for routes through the cities and villages around the city such as Amstelveen, Badhoevedorp or Haarlem.

The cycling Amsterdam routes in the city almost all go along water, which is logical with so many canals. However, there is plenty of nature to see in places like the Vondelpark or the Amsterdamse Bos. Besides nature, there are also plenty of museums to see in the city. You will certainly be amazed while you cycle past the impressive NEMO building during your cycling trip through Amsterdam. This is the largest scientific museum in the Netherlands, so it is the perfect place for a stop and visit this museum. If you want to go to a museum outside the city, you can choose to take one of the routes that lead to museums outside the city such as two barrel organ museums and a pianola museum.

But there also are more interesting routes in the province of North Holland if you come to the city for cycling in Amsterdam. For example, there is an organic route along all kinds of organic companies in and around Amstelveen. If you like history and want to see something different, you can choose the route that takes you past various fortresses of the Dutch Waterline and the Defense Line of Amsterdam. You will also pass the Muiderslot at the Vecht river.

With so many beautiful sights and the fact that the landscape is perfect for cycling, it is not at all surprising that the Dutch are so fanatical when it comes to cycling. In fact, they are so fanatical that tourists are often surprised when they see police officers or a local mayor cycling past in one of the cities. Even the royal family sometimes cycles through Amsterdam.

In total, every Dutch person cycles an average of almost 900 kilometers per year, which is more than 15 billion kilometers in total for all residents. With a total of 37,000 kilometers of cycle paths and almost 23 million bicycles, you cannot say anything else than that Dutch take cycling very seriously. So get on and emerge between the cargo bikes, racing bikes and tandems if you want to do a cycling Amsterdam tour.