Welcome on the cycling tours Amsterdam page. On this website we will promote the best cycling tours in Amsterdam. The capital of Holland. Have a fun day in this lovely city. Also know because of the romantic canals and great possibilities. Please keep this website in notice for the best activities when you visit Amsterdam.

During a visit to Amsterdam you can see so many beautiful things that one day is not enough to see it all. That is why it is a great idea to explore this historic city with all its canals by doing a cycling tour. So act like the locals, hop on your bike and make your first visit to our national capital fascinating. The city has almost 900.000 bicycles, which is more than the number of inhabitants. 

Because everybody cycles a lot in the Netherlands, the city of Amsterdam is very well-equipped to explore by bicycle. There are more than enough parking facilities and there is a complete parking garage for bicycles next to Central Station. This 3-storey garage can accommodate more than 2500 bicycles and many international tourists will be amazed when they see this building for the first time.

You can rent a bike from one of the many rental companies in the city. The price to rent a bicycle is around 10 euros per day and there are several types of bicycles for rent. You can choose from tandems, touring bikes and, for example, the world-famous cargo bikes, known in Holland as bakfietsen. Many rental companies offer cycling tours in addition to the rental of bikes, so you can be sure that you will end up in the most beautiful places.

But you can also choose to put together your own route. In that way you will drive around between the residents of the city who have their bikes fully loaded with boxes and crates or with several small children in the front and back. Due to the architecture of the old town with its many canals and quays, built for horse and carriages and pedestrians, the city is not really suitable for car traffic. However, by bike you can get almost everywhere.

You will pass beautiful buildings and landmarks with impressive histories such as the Anne Frank House, the Johnny Jordaanplein and the Westerkerk. But there are also cycling tours through the old center, along the Noordermarkt, Lindengracht and of course the Rijksmuseum and the Vondelpark.

In short, there is much to see in and around Amsterdam to enjoy when you explore the city with a cycling tour. Moreover, you can take your bike for free on the ferries that sail across the IJ and, apart from the trams, you can also take your bike with you on the metro or train.